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We are open to serve you, answer questions or schedule an appointment during the following hours:


Woodbury Office:

Monday–Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Stillwater Office:

Monday – 8:00am-4:00pm

Tuesdays – 7:30am-4:00pm

Wednesdays –  8:00am-4:30pm

Thursday – 8:00am-4:30pm

Fridays – 8:00am -4:30 pm except for the 1st Friday of every month when we are open 8:00am -12:00pm.


Inver Grove Heights Office:

Monday–Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


In the event of inclement weather, the announcement of a closure or delay to the opening of our

Dental Clinics will be distributed through our RevenueWell communications via text message

and/or email.



Payment Options

It is our mission to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Our office accepts payments by cash, checks, and most major credit cards, and we offer a 5% discount for treatment paid in full at the time of the visit (by check or cash). We also offer financing through Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit program. Payment and insurance copayments will be due the date of service, if you have any questions about financing or payment, ask us!



We participate with many dental insurance carriers, please verify with insurance company regarding your benefits.



Our office will attempt to schedule appointments at your convenience and when time is available. Preschool children should be scheduled in the morning because they are fresher and we can work more slowly with them. We realize that unexpected things can happen, so we request that if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, kindly notify our office at least 24 hours in advance so that we may offer that appointment time to another child.

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Our team


We are especially interested in making all our patients feel right at home! We put your needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment. Our staff is trained and skilled, and we strive to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient. Each member of our team has years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care. We strive to stay abreast of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending continuing education courses and seminars.

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Why choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Our Doctors are all Pediatric Dental Specialists.

They all focus on the treatment and prevention of dental disease, as well as the overall oral health of children. Through extra years of schooling, training, experience, and certification, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children, teens and those with special needs.


Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?


A pediatric patient not only has a different dentition than adults but he/she may have specific dental and behavioral needs that are unique to a child. These needs may include orthodontics, dental sealants, fluoride applications or home treatments, or just simply education in oral hygiene. In addition to treating existing dental problems, our office focuses on prevention through patient and parent education.


We like to feel that you and your child do not come to our office to have their ”cavities fixed” but rather to prevent them. Our mission is to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future.


Establishing your child's dental home

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents and other care providers to help every child establish a dental home by 12 months of age. Establishing a dental home provides some key components to dental care for your child including...


Comprehensive oral health care including acute care and preventive services.

Individualized preventive dental health program based upon a caries-risk assessment.

Anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development.

Plan for acute dental trauma (emergencies).

Dietary counseling.

Referrals to dental specialists when care cannot directly be provided within the dental home.

Referral at an age determined by patient, parent, and
pediatric dentist.

Pediatric Dental Topics:

meet our doctors

What to expect at the

First Pediatric Dental Visit

Drs. Rick, Greg, Wafa, Nick and Jared, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommend you bring your child in by his or her first birthday establishing your child's "dental home."


During your first visit, you will be introduced to our Pediatric Dental Team, given an office tour and discuss your child’s unique smile and ways to keep it beautiful for years to come.


Depending on the age of your child, he or she will either be given a lap-examination (where your baby’s head will rest on our doctor’s lap while their body is on your lap) or a regular exam in the doctor’s chair.


If your child's appointment is at our Woodbury office, please fill out the new patient forms here*.


If your child's appointment is at our Inver Grove Heights office, please fill out the forms here*.


If your child's appointment is at our Stillwater office, please fill out the forms here*.


* For Additional Children, Please Empty Your Browser's Cache Before Completing Their Forms.


Thank you for helping our office keep your and everyone else’s scheduled visit on time!


Richard Baylon, DDS


"My greatest joy is seeing the smiles and hearing the excitement in children’s voices when they see us."




Greg Beinlich, DDS, MS


"I am so blessed to be able to work

with children; their energy, honesty

and sense of humor bring joy into

our office everyday!"


Wafa Qureshi, DDS


"The best part is helping,

informing and educating parents and their children about

optimal oral health."



Nick Baylon, DDS


"It’s always a great day when “high fives” or hugs follow a dental checkup, tooth repair appointment or an emergency visit."




Children's Dental Care


Normally the first tooth erupts between ages 6 to 12 months. Gums are sore, tender and sometimes irritable until the age of 3. Rubbing sore gums gently with a clean finger, the back of a cold spoon or

a cold, wet cloth helps soothe the gums. Teething rings work well, but avoid teething biscuits – they contain sugar that is not good for baby teeth.


While your baby is teething, it is important to monitor the teeth for signs of baby bottle decay. Examine the teeth, especially on the inside or the tongue side, every two weeks for dull spots (whiter than the tooth surface) or lines. A bottle containing anything other than water and left in an infant’s mouth while sleeping can cause decay. This happens because sugar in the liquid mixes with bacteria in dental plaque, forming acids that attack the tooth enamel. Each time a child drinks liquids containing sugar, acids attack the teeth for about 20 minutes. When awake, saliva carries away the liquid. During sleep, the saliva flow significantly decreases and liquids pool around the child’s teeth for long periods, covering the teeth in acids.

Continue to prevent early childhood caries


Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small strip of fluoride toothpaste, unless the child is under the age of 3. If a child is younger than age 3, parents should clean their child’s teeth with water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. After age 3, parents should supervise brushing. Use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and make sure children do not swallow excess toothpaste.


When you brush your teeth, move the brush in small circular motions to reach food particles that may be under your gum line. Hold the toothbrush at an angle and brush slowly and carefully, covering all areas between teeth and the surface of each tooth. It will take you several minutes to thoroughly brush your teeth. Brush up on the lower teeth, down on the upper teeth and the outside, inside and chewing surface of all of your front and back teeth. Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth before you rinse.


It is important for your child to brush and floss daily for optimal oral hygiene.

Tooth Eruption

Your child is born with all their teeth. As they get older, they will “lose” their baby teeth and their permanent teeth will “erupt.”

download our tooth eruption chart

We want you to be aware of some changes that we have made for the safety of our patients and staff.


  • We ask that you please bring a mask to wear while visiting the office, they are still required in a Healthcare setting.

  • In regard to COVID19 please reschedule if the parent/patient(s) in the last 2 weeks had symptoms, been exposed to, is awaiting test results, or has traveled outside the US.
We love when our patients tell the world how they feel about us. Check out what they have to say about us!

I started bringing my kids to see Dr Rick when they were each three years old. That was 17 years ago and I have never had a bad experience. It will be a little sad when my daughter turns 18 and we move on from the world of pediatric dentistry. I would recommend Dr Rick and his practice to anyone with children. – Ashley S.


My children have been patients of Dr. Beinlich since we moved to Minnesota eight years ago and we are always so happy with the choice we made to have him as our dentist. Two of my children are now adults and have moved on to adult dentists, but we all have a special place in our hearts for Dr. Beinlich and the amazing staff!

– Rachel B.


We love Dr Wafa! My kids have no fear of the dentist due to the awesome staff at your office! Love Dr Wafa and Nicole the hygienist!

– Marley H.


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